Windows10/Win10/Office2016/Office2013 英国电话激活教程

直接从官网下载 Skype,有pc版本和mac版和手机版

英国免费电话 +44 8000188354


Welcome to the Microsoft product activation Center.

To help provide quality service and this call may be recorded or monitored and the information collected ,This call may be access by Microsoft ...and service provided

.........this call press 1 ,or continue press 2


Thank you,This call may be recorded or monitored.

For security purposes ,please enter the following number on your phone touch 10 pad.

(例如听到验证码 373, 随机的数字,然后输入随机的听到的数字)


Thank you.Welcome to the Microsoft product activation.

To activate windows, press 1,

To activate office for mac press 2,

For other office products or for pc games press 3.

For other questions require about for your licensing 4.


If you are trying to activate windows 10, press 1. Otherwise, press 2.


If you are computer with activation open ,press 1.Otherwise, press 2.


Ok, now take a look your screen. 好,现在来看看在你的(电脑)屏幕

I'll ask you to tell me the installation ID. 我将让你告诉我这个安装id

The instalation ID is long number broken into several groups. 这个安装ID是一串很长的数字并打断分成几组。

I'll ask you for one group at time. 我将然后给你

Please enter the digit in group one ,

听到这里 请输入第一组数字,

Great,now enter the digit in group 2 输入第2组数字,

Next,enter the digit in group 3 输入第3组数字,

OK,now enter the digit in group 4 输入第4组数字,

All right,next,enter the digit in group 5 输入第5组数字,

OK,now enter group 6 输入第6组数字,

All right,next enter the digit in group 7 输入第7组数字,

OK,now enter group 8 输入第8组数字,

All right,and finally enter the last group 输入最后一组数字,

提示:万一如果数字输入错误或者输入不上, 可以按【*键】从第一组重新输入安装ID

Got it, thanks, one moment please when I look it up.

To verify instalation id,I need to ask you this question.

Please enter the number different computer, Microsoft office.(听到office) ,然后按【1】


............... If you are ready to get started press1, or you feel need few moment press 2

此时如果你准备好了,按 【1】 开始听确认 ID;


若未通过验证(提示 “sorry” 或者 “not verified”),则会转接人工客服



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