ChessExplorer is a Windows software (Win32) with full graphics interface, principally designed to solving orthodox chess problems: direct mates, selfmates, helpmates.

It has some additional options:
> creator of problems ( "Mate in 2" and "Mate in 3" )
> solving tasks of the kind "8-Queens Problem"
> counting number of possible continuations from the given position.

Generally, ChessExplorer is created to test all possible moves and to find exactly all solutions that exists (mode "brute force" - using big force of modern computers).
This principle isn’t violate by added some "bits of intelligence" (for exemple, a side who defends to mate, "remembers" his good, already verified moves, and he doesn’t need test every time all posible moves).

This software is realized in C++. The basic procedures was optimized in assembly language and the program tests more than 1,000,000 moves per second (sometimes more than 10,000,000 m/sec) on a standard computer.

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