Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 is a visual localization environment that supports every aspect of the localization workflow: from translation to project management through to localization engineering and testing. Thanks to its powerful visual interface and advanced Translation Memory technology, localization projects take less time to complete, quality is improved, Engineering and QA cycle times are shortened and the overall cost of localization is significantly reduced.

High-quality translation of software applications is crucial to the success of multi-national companies. In today's highly competitive organizations, they require solutions that lower overall costs, reduce time-to-market and improve quality. Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 meets these requirements head-on. Using advanced Translation Memory technology and an intuitive interface, it facilitates and compliments the work of localization professionals, helping them work more efficiently and produce higher quality translations.

Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 supports all aspects of the localization workflow, from translation, engineering, testing and project management. Using Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 you can enjoy:

> Huge Localization Costs Savings Using Alchemy’s ezMatch™ Translation Memory technology, ensures that you never translate a sentence twice and it can be re-used several times. This improves productivity and results in significant translation savings. Additionally, since ezMatch™ technology also re-uses layout information, you also enjoy significant productivity gains in localization engineering and testing. Savings of 50-60% are possible depending on the quality of your translation memories.
> Higher Quality Translation Alchemy CATALYST hides the complexity of underlying technology and file formats, presenting text for translation in highly visual and contextually rich editing environments. This enables the translator to focus on the accuracy and precision of their translations, helping organizations improve the quality of their software applications and improving their corporate brand image.
> Faster Release Cycles Alchemy CATALYST provides a powerful integrated localization environment for all your desktop, mobile and online applications. It integrates smoothly with all industry leading workflow solutions and interoperates with all industry standard TM technologies. This helps maximize translation re-use, reducing project cycles and improving your time to market. This gives you first leap advantage over your competitors and helps create new revenue opportunities for your business.
> Rapid Return On Investment Organizations that have deployed Alchemy CATALYST within their localization workflow have enjoyed savings on direct translation costs combined with productivity gains in engineering and testing. Coupled with faster release times to international markets, these benefits make a rapid return on investment a certainty. In a typical deployment, a return on investment can be achieved in three to six months or shorter.

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