TitraSim is a Win32 program for computing pH-values and acid-base titration curves for systems where an arbitrary number of acids and/or bases may be involved in both sample and titrator. The program comes with archives containing the most common acids/bases and their pK-values. These archives can be extended by adding new species or data referring to other solvent systems or to non-standard temperatures. Simulating the theoretical titration curves for a mixture of such species is therefore a matter of a few mouse clicks. Real experimental titration curves (stored as volume/pH-value couples in ASCII-files) can be imported into TitraSim and compared with simulated ones. The determination of analytical species concentrations and/or pK-values can be accomplished in this way either by "trial and error" (TitraSim - Standard) or by making use of the non-linear fitting procedure implemented into TitraSim - Professional.

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