PCDJ Reflex is the all encompassing, real-time performance PC software solution for every type of professional DJ. Whether you’re a Club DJ, Turntablist, Producer, or Mobile DJ - Reflex offers the rock solid features you’ve been asking for, with the flexibility you’ve only dreamed of. Mix, Scratch, Remix, use VST plug-ins in real-time - all from your computers hard disc or ROM drive. Choose your method of control: time code, midi controller, USB HID device such as the DAC-3 - or any combination for any type of gig in any environment. Reflex can beat-sync for you seamlessly, or you can perform as you would with vinyl with ultra-low latency control. This is the only DJ mixing environment you will ever need. We’ve heard you DJs - and here’s our Reflex…

> 3 Track/Loop Players
Reflex has 3 players that can also function as samplers with support for looping and playback in both directions.
> Cue and Loop List
Set and play from an unlimited amount of Cues or Loops on the fly and name them so you won’t forget. So fast it works like a beat machine.
> Single Touch Loops
Loops with selectable multiples of bars can be set on the fly by only one key press. These loops are quantized for seamless looping. Loops can easily be shifted, moved, cut and extended in real time.
> Sample-Accurate Cueing
All cueing and looping is done with sample accuracy, quantization can also be used as and aid. Reflex can auto cue to the very start of any track.
> Tempo, Key, and Pitch Shifting
Reflex supports high quality (not buffer based), Tempo, Key, and Pitch shifting independently of each other. Pitch and Key mode range adjustable from 4% to 100% = -100% to +100% WOW!
> Interactive Waveform Display
Each player supports an interactive waveform display. This makes cueing, looping, seeking, easier, faster, and friendlier. Grabbing the wave with the mouse is also supported.
> Scratching
Reflex provides interactive scratching via DAC-2, DAC-3, any Denon Midi controller, CD, Vinyl time code or via the mouse.
> Support For Standard Digital Audio Formats
Reflex supports playback of MP3, Unprotected AAC, WAV files (many formats), and AIF files, OGG-Vorbis, and FLAC.
> Effects
Reflex features: Turntable Power On/Off, (Brake and Start), Dump which chops up the audio while playing forward to bleep out unwanted curse words, Beat Stepping forward or backward, and Reverse.
> VST Plug-In Support
Each player and Software Digital mixer section of Reflex supports a maximum of 2 VST plug-ins.
> Filters
Include Low Shelf, High Shelf, Low Pass, High Pass, Eq Band, Band Pass. Wet/Dry, Frequency Spectrum are all controllable with mouse, DAC-2, DAC-3 or Denon Controllers.
> Normalization
Reflex allows for loudness detection on audio sources. If one track is quieter than the previous, Reflex can compensate for it.
> Views
Hide or show any, Player, Effect, Plugins, Filter, Vu Meter, or Mixer Module to increase library real-estate.
> Automated Tempo and Beat Matching
In addition to allowing the DJ to beat match manually, Reflex is able to assist the DJ in automatically matching beats for perfect mixes. Reflex also uses ”Beat Track”. This allows songs that have inconsistent BPM to be mixed accurately. “Beat track” also knows the start of the bar, this opens up very cool auto mix and help for users that don’t know how to read bars.
> Digital DJ Mixer
Full featured, multi-channel DJ mixer. Assignable Volume Controls and Cue for each Player 1,2,3 and Library. Adjustable Narrow/Wide Crossfade, Headphone Volume & PGM Mix Crossfade, Main, Booth, Aux1, and Aux2 Volume Controls.
> Flexible Outputs and Monitoring Options
Reflex supports multi-channel soundcards or 2 mono outputs on a single soundcard. Sound output systems supported includes DirectX, WDM, ASIO. If using External DJ Mixer: Route each players audio output to a separate channel on soundcard output to a separate channel on external DJ Mixer. If using Software DJ Mixer: Route all Players audio to Main output of soundcard and route Headphone monitor output to second output of soundcard.
> Automatic BPM Detection
Reflex provides automatic, hi-resolution BPM calculation. Once a track is loaded into the Reflex library, BPM extraction begins automatically.
> Automatic Bar Detection/Beat tracking
Reflex provides bar detection and beat location marking, so it knows where the beats are, and also the start of the bars.
> Automatic Quantization control
Reflex can be set to different quantization resolutions. This ensures that user always starts, inserts or adds other effects on the set resolution. This feature, in conjunction with beat tracking, allows Reflex to automatically adjust any user errors. This can of course be turned off.
> Complete Media Management
The Reflex Media Management component aids in the archiving and storage of 100’s of thousands audio files. Database functionalities like search as you type by artist, title, Album, file name, bpm, genre, ect….
> Playlist and Waitlist
Create and save unlimited number of Playlists from any tracks in your library or Waitlist. Rearrange tracks in what ever order you like by drag and drop.
> Smart Technology
Reflex has Smart List and Smart Waitlist. Create Smart List based on any field in your library: artist, title, Album, file name, bpm, genre, ect… Smart Waitlist learns as you work with Reflex and remembers what mixes you do and suggests tracks to mix when you later select them in the recordcase.
> Logging Tracks
Tracks will be added to Log, play count will be updated.
> Library Player
A fourth Library Player is also included so you can preview tracks without loading track into main 3 players.

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