Display 2 separate channels, 2 channels superimposed, Sum of signals, unlike signals, XY Lissajous curve
Linear or logarithmic scale (db)
Base 5ms./div time (50ms) to 20us./div (0.2m).
Amplitude X1 X2 X5
Recording and printing oscillographs
Color and thickness traces configurable
Background color, scale etc ...
Viewing levels mode VU meter or bargraph

Spectrum Signal
10 to 20,000 Hz
4 levels of integration of the measure
3 types of compression
Filling a buffer containing 45 seconds of analysis for 3D visualization and export under Exel.
Recording mode or continuous once.
20 band graphic equalizer with memory curve calibration equipment making sound, sound card, etc. acoustic reference. By measuring a white noise.
Printing analysis.
Export under Exel.

3D Analyzer
3D spectrum analyzer can record about 45 seconds of signal and the return of its spectral analysis over time.
Exporting as a exel workbook containing all the data capture, 3D graphic representing the total analysis and a graph of the average spectral distribution of the catch.
Once the file is opened under Exel, can make all necessary changes in the graphic (3D movements, changing scales, changing the chart type, color etc. ..).
All data capture available for use in calculations. Examples: mining the evolution of a frequency, computing and visualization sum or difference signal, extraction or demonstration of a particular phenomenon ..
Ability to provide results of comprehensive measure to persons not using OscilloSpectroXpro (folders technical expertise etc ..)
All operations permitted by applicable Exel your spectral analysis.

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