Atomic is a 16 step sequencer composing tool with a built in synth that also has the ability to control other softsynths or even hardware via it's MIDI out function.

The design is circular which allows a different approach to composing and sound design.

Inspired by circular step sequencers such as the
Buchla Arbitrary Function Generator and Future Retro Revolution. Dedicated to electronic music pioneer
Allen Strange (1943-2008)

> Sequencer:
16 step sequencer in a circular design with 3 rows: seminotes, velocity
and gate.
BPM Rate with 5 modes including random.
Separate rhythm grid.
Advanced arpeggiator with separate rate, 5 modes with gate and octave controls.
Latch mode for continuous play.
MIDI Out for use in modular hosts which also includes LFO's and
step modulators to control external vst's or hardware.
> Synth:
2 Oscillators with 14 waveforms including additive partials.
Separate phase controls, detune and octave as well as harmonic tuning mode.
VCF with 4 filter types with velocity control.
2 dedicated envelope generators, one for amp and one for filter.
2 LFOs, Sub Oscillator, Step Modulator, Random Generator and Keyboard control
with zone and mod wheel assign which includes sequencer controls for step and
Comprehensive mod matrix.
> Effects:
X-Y delay with separate multimode filters which can be modulated via mod matrix.
Spacial stereo reverb
Phaser with wide sweeping range.
Master section with volume, pan and tuning
CC map for hardware MIDI knob controllers.
Presets by: Tim Conrardy and Boris K

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