Built on Microsoft office technology, CyQuest is the ultimate in contact management and tracking. Going far beyound the capability of Microsoft Outlook, CyQuest provides the user with a rich platform that can be customized to fit the user's needs without having to change the way in which they conduct business. The user friendly interface ensures that even the computer novice can easily navigate the application like a professional.

With Cyquest you can:
> Manage all contact information fron one central location (database).
> Upload emails, documents, graphics, etc.
> Sort clients by either last name or company name.
> Define new forms and database fields using the form editor.
> No programming experience required.
> Automatic version control for attachments.
> Create, store and track notes and attachments related to a particular client.
> Locate clients by name, location, or even keywords in their associated documents, etc.
> Upload, assign and manage common resources.

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