DigiElch is a Win32 program that computes the electrical current and the concentration profiles for any user-defined mechanism comprising an arbitrary number of charge transfer steps and first- or second-order chemical reactions. The program works for the most common electrode geometries including the simulation of thin layer cell experiments and the exact (two-dimensional) simulation of the electrical current response at band and disk microelectrodes. Effects such as IR-drop and/or double layer charging can be included in all these simulations.
The basic module of the program includes only a simulator for cyclic voltammetry. However, the functionality can be extended by purchasing licenses for extension modules, for instance those for chrono-amperometry or square-wave voltammetry. Real experimental current curves (stored as U/I- or t/I-couples in ASCII-files) can be imported into DigiElch and compared with simulated ones. The determination of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters involved in the underlying reaction scheme can be accomplished in this way either by "trial and error" (DigiElch - Standard) or by making use of the non-linear fitting procedure implemented into DigiElch - Professional.