The INBarcodeOCR is a component (DLL and ActiveX/COM) for developers to find and recognize different barcodes in documents.

- recognizes EAN128 (with checksum-validation)
- recognizes EAN13 (with checksum-validation)
- recognizes EAN8 (with checksum-validation)
- recognizes UPC-A (with checksum-validation)
- recognizes Code128 (with checksum-validation)
- recognizes Code39 (with optional checksum-validation)
- recognizes 2/5 and 2/5 interleaved
- finds barcodes in whole documents
- reads BMP, TIF, JPG and PNG
- reads PDF directly (all pages)
- allows direct processing using hDC (bitmap handle)
- converts PDF to image and images to PDF
- NEW: extracts pages of a given PDF into a new PDF (split)
- is able to merge multiple image files into one PDF
- returns position, type, orientation and content of each barcode found
- NEW: returns the page number of each barcode, too (only PDF)
- methods to read isolated barcode bitmaps
- recognizes barcodes rotated by 180°, horizontal and vertical
- works on W98/ME/2000/2000 Server/XP/2003 Server
- english documentation in PDF format
- no runtime-files needed
- additional ActiveX-interface included (VBScript, ASP, VB6, .NET...)
- example-application to read barcodes using webcam

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DL : by ACME